Easy Solution For Premature Ejaculation For A Relaxed Sexy Night Out!

I reckon that most of you want an easy solution for premature ejaculation – either to impress your sex partner in bed or just to boost your confidence as a man! After all, a man’s performance and ability to fulfill his partner in bed tells a lot about his masculinity.

Fortunately, an easy solution for premature ejaculation is not hard to find or master.

First of all, you must know what “premature ejaculation” really is. Once you know what this problem is all about, you’ll be able to understand better the solution for premature ejaculation that I am going to share with you later.

Technically, early ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates during the first few thrusts the moment his penis enters the vagina. A worse case is where the man ejaculates immediately when the penis enters the vagina, even before he starts to thrust!

However, in real life, premature ejaculation simply means a situation where a man ejaculates before his female partner is sexually fulfilled. For these female partners, they are usually sexually fulfilled when they reach orgasm.

Now that you understand what early ejaculation means, it’ll be easy for you to understand or find a solution for premature ejaculation.

Since premature ejaculation is where you are not able to sustain long enough until your sex partner reaches orgasm or sexually fulfilled, you can solve this problem with a 2 thronged approach.

First, prolong your ability to stay erected and ejaculate after your sex partner achieves orgasm.

Second, shorten the time your partner takes to achieve orgasm.

For the first solution for premature ejaculation, you can control your arousal level by –

  • applying creams, spray or taking pills that will help you to numb your penis to reduce the intense sexual sensation and delay your ejaculation;
  • controlling your breathing pattern during sex;
  • exercising your pelvic muscles which are responsible for your ejaculation; and
  • taking foods that can help you to last longer in bed etc.

Except the first method, this first approach is able to cure early ejaculation for good but requires time and consistent efforts.

If you want an easy solution for premature ejaculation, I would strongly recommend the second approach – learn about your woman’s sexual needs and help her to achieve orgasm faster.

Every woman has different sexual needs and responses differently to sex. Some love long foreplay. Some like to be on top of the man during sex while some prefers the typical style with the man lying on top of her.

Some love dirty sexy words during sex while some like physical foreplay.

But generally, most women love oral sex.

To create incredible sensation in the woman and help her to reach orgasm fast, the easiest way is by performing oral sex on her. That said, you must identify what else she likes and give her exactly what she wants.

If you can find the right hot button and push it at the right time, you would be able to help your woman achieving orgasm in no time. Once she is highly stimulated and reaches orgasm, you are free to ejaculate at any time. She would not feel disappointed with your ejaculation, no matter how fast that is after both of you started the sexual act.

That is why I love this solution for premature ejaculation! By driving her crazy with all your sexual acts, you need not be worried about ejaculating too soon. By the time you are ready, chances are she will be all ready for you as well!

This is a very simple solution for premature ejaculation. Try it and impress your woman right away tonight!