Prostate Problems – Monitor and Correct Premature Ejaculation

The premature ejaculation is the main reason why many couples do not fully enjoy their sexual relationships. Many men would give anything to gain control over their ejaculation perfectly, but do not know how to get it.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

The premature ejaculation not defined the same way by all authors, but we could say it is the inability to control ejaculation in man.

Some authors claim that a man has premature ejaculation if not withstand 30 seconds (others put the boundary between 30 seconds and 7 minutes) after vaginal penetration.

A consultation sexological patients sometimes come to believe not having premature ejaculation Because you never ejaculate before penetration.

The lack of control over ejaculation becomes a serious problem when the man does not resist at least a reasonable time, ie, enough for a woman is satisfied.

This problem fast is a lack of bodily discipline and consequently, every man can achieve through proper training that his ejaculation is a completely voluntary act.

What is premature ejaculation?

We must first clarify that the Its not a disease or something that some men are born.

The cause of the premature ejaculation. Not the age or inexperience, or the many sexual arousal or sexual hypersensitivity. Premature ejaculation is not left to something physical, like frenulum problems, phimosis, testis, prostate, nerve weakness or tenderness in the glans.

Causes of ejaculation can be quite varied, and due to lack of information or preparation to initiate sex, the state of anxiety or insecurity caused by other sexual problems (such as impotence), or lack of interest in prolonging intercourse to have become ejaculation in a conditioned reflex, etc.

Therefore, the diagnosis of premature ejaculation does not require urine tests, blood, semen, ultrasound, or shots, or anything.

How to control premature ejaculation?

Many men think that premature ejaculation spent with age or as men have more sexual experience. The reality is that the man who does not control your ejaculation and can continue throughout life, so you can create a lot of frustration. Every time that happens he lives with more frustration and anxiety, which undoubtedly influences the relationship with your partner. This is all the more regrettable since the premature ejaculation solution is almost 100% of cases.

As for treatment, a perfect control of ejaculation is not achieved through:

– Advice, lectures or group therapy
– Not with any injection, lozenge, medicine, ointment, capsules, esprais, hormones, vitamins or pharmaceutical products;
– Even with interventions, operations phimosis, or treatment of prostate
– Even with sophisticated equipment or instruments.

The only scientific treatment, serious and effective to cure or avoid premature ejaculation is through learning through very specific exercises and techniques that man must learn and practice alone or with your partner, if any.

Experience tells us that if man continues to rigorously our method, even though has not yet succeeded in engaging in intercourse before ejaculating, as is the case for some people, get to have a normal relationship, ie a long preparation and a perfect penetration with ejaculation control.

The ejaculatory early as such, is a person who presents a state of permanent anxiety, in the same way that always goes fast at doing things, never has time for anything, you need to do everything at once and so on. also ejaculates at the same time. That is, anxiety expelled anyway. Is strongly associated with premature ejaculation as a way of being a way of life, this is overall concepts, not all act this way.

For men, the premature ejaculation is often responsible for a lack of motivation for sexual acts, a devaluation of their own image and developments may reach a psychological impotence. For women the premature ejaculation your partner can also come to a lack of motivation to make love, an absence of orgasm and can progress to secondary frigidity. For the couple, the evolution is driven on the breakdown of communication emotional, sensual and erotic, which often leads to a separation from it.

To better understand premature ejaculation, you have to say something about the physiology of ejaculation, which occurs after the excitement phase and is composed of two periods:

– A period immediately pre-ejaculate which corresponds to the voltage setting of sperm within the genital tract beyond. During this short period and sexual arousal is reversible and man can learn to recognize this limit and prevent the next phase which is irreversible and expulsive.

– A period of ejaculation itself, which corresponds to the expulsive contractions of the genital tract, and that gets to the expulsion of sperm. This short period is irreversible and uncontrollable.

The treatment is done for you that physiology is behavioral type and contains exercises with progressively increasing difficulty. These exercises will allow you step by step, following your pace, get used to increasingly strong stimuli and to recognize the moment where you have to leave your arousal. Thus gradually learn to control your excitement and above all control when you choose your partner ejaculates. Melt behavior therapies in the fact that receiving negative messages repeatedly, coupled with a bad attitude to daily events, often lead to sexual problems. Cognitive behavioral therapy will have to gradually change the negative behavior with behavioral exercises in order to return to a positive behavior.

The premature ejaculation never fixes over time, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible, which will help you, no doubt, to solve your problem.